Anuj Rastogi

Host of AwokenWord

[ poet + music producer + awokenword founder ]

Anuj Rastogi is a Toronto-based writer, spoken word poet and music composer. Anuj has cultivated his worldly sensibilities and uses elements of word play and storyline that thread together broad narratives about social, political, personal and human insights. His works "Breaking News", "Baby Girl", and "While You Were Sleeping" have featured extensively.

As a musician, he has composed and produced music for film scores, studio albums, and has performed with a number of diverse artists across Canada, the US, the UK and India. Anuj also composed the original theme music track, "Cosmos", for the AwokenWord podcast.

Anuj founded the AwokenWord Podcast out of a deep desire to surface nuanced, meaningful long-form conversation that can help us reconnect with our shared humanity.

Anuj Rastogi has hosted 26 Episodes.