Dr. Yasser Khan

Special guest

Dr. Yasser Khan is an internationally renowned ophthalmic surgeon, humanitarian and entrepreneur. He is a leading ophthalmologist in oculoplastics, orbital and cataract surgery with over 20 years of experience. Dr. Khan is devoted to national and global humanitarian medical work. He is a founder and CEO of GIVE − Global Initiative for Vision and Eyecare. GIVE’s primary aim is to develop social and entrepreneurship solutions to empower local populations and treat blindness. He has worked in this capacity in over 40 different countries and in Northern Ontario with the indigenous communities. He is an associate Professor at McMaster University and the University of Toronto. He teaches cutting-edge and innovative surgical techniques to surgeons nationally and globally. In January 2024, Yasser was among the first few people in the world to travel to Gaza in the middle of the war to volunteer as a physician helping to save injured civilians.

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