Shantanu Pujari

Special guest

Shantanu Pujari [ Hip Hop Artist + Mixed Martial Artist + Yoga Instructor + Music Executive ]

Describing everything that Shantanu Pujari does at only age 23 year is an impossible task. From hip hop artist to Indian film action director, to profeesional MMA fighter, yoga instructor and activist to record label executive, Shantanu does a lot! Shantanu is a mixed martial artist from Mumbai, and has won national Muay Thai championship and national championships in several other disciplines including jiu jitsu and MMA.

Shantanu is also a hip hop artist and b-boy, and in 2013 co-founded the rap crew Swadesi and currently manages MC azad, darpan, and the rapphopers crew for Most Wanted Records.

His mission is to unite the world cultures and make them realise that we are one, while also reviving the Indian narrative of who we are today and what we were in the glorious days.


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