Lisa Fitzpatrick

Special guest

**Lisa Fitzpatrick [ Tech Exec + Pastor + Community Builder ]

Lisa is a former healthcare executive and recognized CNN Hero who has over 20 years of management and public health policy experience. She has also owned and operated a regional technology company, as well as the founder of APEX Community Advancement, Inc. She also currently serves as Senior Pastor at APEX Ministries United Methodist Church, a church founded by the young people of APEX Youth Center.

In addition to her management technology experience, Mrs. Fitzpatrick has extensive experience in the arts. Dancing and singing since age 3, Lisa’s resume includes stage and television appearances throughout the U.S. and Mexico, in top venues such as Las Vegas, Atlantic City, New York and more. She has toured the United States with a professional stage group, as well as appearing on stage, film and television.

After an injury ended her professional entertainment career, Lisa founded The Early Parenting Center in Southern California. The Center offered education and ancillary support services for women and their families as well as physician and staff training at major hospitals and medical facilities throughout Southern California, to improve outcomes for pregnancy and early childhood, lower healthcare costs, and increase accessibility. The board of advisors for The Early Parenting Center included some of the most well-known names in Women/Infant/Children care including Dr. William Sears. Her credentials include Certified Perinatal Educator, Certified Parenting Instructor, Certified CPR Instructor (expired), Certified Adult Educator, Certified Exercise and Fitness Instructor and others.


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